Terms Of Use

The PalPrices.com site with current functionalities went on public in November 2014.

Currently the site is for "friendly user test" purposes. We invite all users to sign up who are interested in international prices of tourist products and services.

Before signing up or using the application, you must understand and accept the following two statements:

1. The price quotes that can be found on different pages of PalPrices.com are purely for informational purposes. PalPrices does not take any responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness of these prices.

2. The uploaded prices and supplemental information (location, rate, comments) represent the contribution of users whose identity are not checked or validated in any manner. Thus, PalPrices.com does not take any responsibility for the uploaded, publicly shared information of its users.


Last update to this Terms and Conditions was on March 11, 2015

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