TRUE COST of Weekend Trips

You must have already realized that the price tag of a weekend trip to a nice city is always higher than what you originally planned. No doubt, flight and accommodation aren’t the only parts of the expenses. We wanted to know exactly how much more one needs for a great weekend.

On the infographic presentations below you will find all the necessary information you need when planning a weekend outing. These are up-to-date data coming from our research and user uploads. At the bottom, you will find the total estimated expenditure, i.e., the true cost of your weekend trip.

Of course, expenses primarily depend on the budget sensitivity of the traveler. This means that backpackers will pack less expensive programs into their itinerary than average tourists. Therefore, totals are presented in four categories. All of them have two options: travel alone or in pairs…

Infographic about average weekend costs in London

Infographic about average weekend costs in Hamburg

Infographic about average weekend costs in Budapest

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