Frequently Asked Questions


What does TOTAL COST actually mean?

The estimated, expected FULL cost of your vacation including not only flight and accommodation, but most common incurring expenses such as entrance fees, local transportation, food, nightlife, etc. You can set your individual spending preferences by clicking on „Personalized Calculations”. Calculations are based on PalPrices’ proprietary algorithms.

Please note that certain cost elements are NOT included in our calculation yet: Getting to the city from the Airport, Gas and Parking fees of your rented car, or Souvenirs and additional Shopping.

Total Cost is based on annual average prices without considering seasonal fluctuation (about 15-20%). The aim of our estimation is to give you an idea of how much a trip to your destination will cost you on average, also taking your preferences into account.


How reliable is the Total Cost estimate?

Our site offers the most sophisticated and reliable travel budget calculations on the internet, which include almost all incurring expense categories. Although our calculations are based on avergages of real data, we use unique, intelligent algorithms to make them as accurate as possible. E.g., we also take volume discounts for the number of travellers and the duration of the trip into account, making the calculation more reliable.

Of course we cannot guarantee that this will be the exact amout that you will spend on your vacation. You may find cheaper deals (for example booking in advance through our offer list), but you might also spend much more on your trip depending on your actual activities.


Where do the PalPrices budget calculations come from?

Budget calculations are based on tens of thousands of prices either found on the internet or identified by ourselves. We only use real cost data that were carefully considered, analyzed and processed throughout our calculations.


How can I save my final calculations?

You cannot save all your settings on the site, but you can e-mail the result of your calculations by pressing the envelope icon at the top or at the bottom of the page.


What the heck is budget sensitivity?

We found it important to distinguish various spending behaviors. This is a quick and dirty way to refine your budget. Make sure the category that fits your style best (backpacker, budget, mid-priced or upscale tourist) is selected when calculating. For more info check category mouseovers.


Why can’t I find my departure city/preferred destination on the Calculator/Destinator Cities list?

So far we have processed the TOP 50 tourist destinations in the world, but we are continuously expanding the set of cities available.


Where can I find the typical summer beach resorts?

Our Calculator and Destinator pages are currently focusing only on City Break destinations, however, you can find specific tourist product prices for many of these vacation spots on our City Prices page.


If I have already booked a part of my trip and thus know the specific cost of the given category, where can I include this information in the calculation?

In the Calculator tool, you can type this in under Personalized Calculations in the Known Cost column. However, note that either your Known Cost or our Estimated Cost will be considered as part of the Total Cost, but not both.


Where can I check specific prices to see what my budget calculation consists of?

Your budget calculation is estimated through complicated algorithms, so you can’t check the specific cost elements. However, you can find your Destination on our City prices page where you will be presented with average prices for various tourist products. You can also dig deeper and check SPECIFIC prices by clicking on the POI icons nex to the categories.


Where can I find the city specific offers?

On the Calculator page you have to click on the Personalized Caluclations bar and you will see the offers on the right side.

On the Destinator page, click on the Pricetag associated with any of the possible destinations, and you will find the offers in the Pop-up window.


Why are my settings sometimes saved (and transmitted to another page on the site) when sometimes they are not?

If you jump from one page to the other using the Menu at the top then you start with default settings. However, if you use the icons on the bottom of the page then all your relevant travel parameters and settings will be transferred to the new page.


What does PAL Index mean?
PAL (Prices At Locations) Index is a proprietary index of tourist prices at a particular city or destination. Our purpose for developing it was to let everyone see how the average tourist price level of a city compares to the tourist price level of New York City. So PAL Index is not a general cost of living index, but a measure to help tourists budget the expected costs at their destinations.

PAL index dynamically changes depending on the uploaded prices, but New York City always has a PAL Index of 100.

Where are the product prices from?

We get our product and service prices from three sources:

I. The PalPrices team's uploads

II. Merchants' uploads

III. Tourists' uploads

Prices you see on the pages are average prices, typically averages of uploads from the last half-a-year. So we encourage you to upload as many prices as you can to make the average prices more representative.

Are the price quotes reliable? Are they valid?
The PalPrices concept is based on social media sharing. This means that we cannot guarantee the validity of all prices since majority of them are shared by our users like you. However, uploaded prices are checked by automatic and manual control procedures. By this, we make all reasonable efforts to discard and exclude unreal or not representative price samples.

I am a merchant. Can I upload my prices?
Oh yes! You are very welcome! Please upload your prices on the Store & Share page.

How can I upload my purchases?
First you have to sign up to PalPrices. Go to the Upload page, fill out at least the price of your purchase, the location (name or place of the shop or vendor), rate your “value for your money” experience, and add a comment at your convenience. Do not forget to click on the Check/Tick button to complete your upload.

How can I share my purchases or “value for my money” experience on social sites?
As soon as you have uploaded your purchase by clicking on the Check/Tick button, you receive a confirmation of your Upload. Then you can share your prices and spending experience in the presented text format on any of the offered channels.  Facebook and LinkedIn will share the presented text about your purchase, however twitter and Google+ will only share a link pointing at your PalPrices page.

How many purchasing transactions can I upload a day?
There is no limit. You can upload as many purchases with prices for as many products/items as you wish.

Can I search for my purchases previously uploaded?
Yes, all records (that were validated) are stored on your accounts. Of course, if you want, you can make your account private to hide your purchases from friends or other people.

Can I upload prices in my own currency or only USD?
You can upload prices in any currency. We use a currency converter that refreshes the conversion rates of more than 140 different currencies of the world every day. If you do not find the currency of your country, please let us know (Contact us).

Where is my town? Can I add new cities or resorts to the list?
Can't you find the destination where you spent your vacation? In this version, you cannot add a new city or destination because we want to keep the number of places limited and manageable.  Simply suggest new resorts by Contacting Us.

How can I check or upload prices for unlisted places?
You have two options of selecting a city or destination if you cannot find the exact place: either select a city or destination if your place belongs to its greater metropolitan area, or select the "Rest of ...<country>" option.

Can I add prices for products that are not listed?
No, the set of product and service items is fixed. We wanted to create an easily understandable, transparent frame of products that are relevant for tourists and comparable around the world.

How can I select a resort if I do not know the respective Region or Country information?
No problem. You do not have to select the continental region or a country if you do not know them or not sure. You can immediately jump to the city or country that you are looking for. The missing region and/or country information will be filled out automatically.

Can I compare the prices of any two cities?
Yes, as soon as you have signed up. Just select any two cities then select any currencies from the drop-down menus. You can then see the average prices. If nobody has uploaded any specific price for that destination yet then a default estimated price will be displayed and marked with an asterisk (*). If you encounter such a mark, be the first one to upload a price tag for that product at that city.

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