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VACATION BUDGETING: If you have ever wondered how much your next City Break will actually cost, PalPrices is the place to start planning your trip. As a One Stop Shop for arranging your travels, we provide not only an intelligent and easy-to-use Budget Planning system, but also the opportunity to start booking city specific offers and get useful information regarding your destination. 

THE PRICE EXCHANGE: PalPrices has the vision of sharing prices around the world for everyone from tourists to business travelers. PalPrices depends on the contributions of its members to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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At PalPrices, we have a passion for travel and getting the best deals possible. What was born from a hobby of collecting and comparing prices has led to the realization of this site.

We know that the best travel experiences are the ones that are unexpected and spontaneous. However, there are certain things you can never leave to chance, like planning the cost of your trip. With an ever-growing range of services, PalPrices strives to be the ultimate travel planning tool by providing access to useful information in a well structured way, and helping users make travel decisions based on budgetary considerations.

--- OUR TEAM ---

We are a Budapest-based international startup and our team consists of 5 core members. Besides the DAPNER founders (Pal: product managment and finances, Andras (Glasgow, UK): design, Anna: management and marketing), Marton Csatlos is responsible for graphic design and Mike Rabinowitz (Charlotte, USA) for product testing and international relations. In addition to our own personal interests we are all really keen on travelling and have an unexplicable fascination with prices :)

We thank Megaweb Ltd. for the excellent programming job. PalPrices’ engine is powered by GridGuyz CMS of Megaweb.


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write us at: info@palprices.com

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